Where are the GRITS? A Campaign to Bring Grits to Brunch at Ruins Pub

Many of you may know our friend Scotty owns a bar called Ruin's Pub.  What you may not know is that last weekend they started serving BRUNCH.  

We went.  It was amazing.  You need to go.  You will devour it.  Aside that fact, THEY HAD NO GRITS.  

I am not a Southern Girl, but if there is one food that I desire for Brunch, it's GRITS.  They're a perfect hangover cure.  They go wonderfully with cheese, sausage, eggs, and/or bacon.  Basically, they're a brunch food delight.  But, Ruin's Pub does not currently have them on their menu.


We started a "protest" of their Brunch (if you will) to get GRITS on the menu.  Scotty says that if we can get 100 likes, grits get to go on the brunch menu.  So hop to it folks, start like-ing and sharing this, BECAUSE WE NEED GRITS.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of current brunch items that are also sure to make your mouth water.  

p.s. We're not the only ones who want grits.  If Scotty won't listen to us, he should listen to Nick.  (aka DAD) Dad knows things.