Myths of Owning Your Own Business

Leaving the corporate world and starting my own business has opened the doors for a lot of interesting conversation about what it is that I actually do all day.   Each day is an adventure, and no matter the best laid plan for the day, something can happen that turns your day into a whirlwind. 


Granted, there has a probably been one day in the past year where I have done each of these.  (How embarrassing to actually admit!) I'm not complaining here - because I am literally living my dream. But, here are  some entertaining tid bits of my favorite preconceptions about what people think owning your own business is like:

1.  You work in your pajamas all day.

HA!  I wish!  The other morning for example, I had planned to make myself breakfast (still in my PJs) at the astonishing hour of 7 am.  Nope, contractor called and I was upstairs, changed, and out the door in 5 minutes.    

2.  You get to sleep in to whenever you want.

Wrong again.  People you contract work to, your tenants, bankers, etc. all operate on their own schedule and expect you to be available whenever you wish.  Some days, I do manage to sleep in a bit - but, generally, that's making up for working late into the evening the night before. 

3.  You can start Happy Hour at 3 pm.

Sure, I CAN.   But what happens when my phone rings at 6 pm and the contractor is cleaning up for the day and can't get a door to lock or a spicket to turn off.  Who's gonna drive me?  Because trust me, there is no choice not to go take care of it right away.  

4. You can pay yourself whatever you want.

My oh my.  Sure, the harder I work, hypothetically, the more money I make.  But what happens when I make a mistake, I better work double-time to fix it.  And no getting paid for that one.  It's a full risk, full reward system - I have to be prepared to balance out the good times and the bad, meaning I must pay myself conservatively. 

5.  You're your own boss.

You're never the boss.  Even the President or King isn't the boss.  Everyone has obligations to someone else.  

6. You have SO much free time.

In fact, just the opposite.  The work and the possibilities of more work never end.  You can always do more.  For example, me writing this at 11 pm.  The possibilities are always out there, it just comes down to how hard you are working to chase them. 


Never give up on your dreams.  Right now, these are the myths of owning my own business.  But if I work hard, am successful, and save wisely, then maybe, just maybe, a few of these myths might become reality.