Figuring it out one day at a time...


The May Daily is the everygirl’s guide to living more deliberately. From food and fitness to design and events, The May Daily is about doing our best to live life on purpose. Founders and sisters Melissa and Caroline May were both avid readers of lifestyle blogs, but each recognized that too often these websites seemed foreign, formal and self-serious – beautiful, but unrecognizable next to our own messy if well-intended attempts. 

The May Daily instead seeks to illustrate and celebrate the realities of daily life, rather than present a perfectly curated version of it. Abject DIY failures, kitchen mishaps and other absurdities of daily life are all covered. We revel in small successes while acknowledging, learning from – and laughing at – life’s daily detours.

Keep reading to learn more about the May girls: Caroline and Melissa.

Caroline and Melissa May

Caroline and Melissa May

about caroline

  • I write for a living and for fun.
  • I'm a lot better at eating than I am at cooking, but I've learned that a little wine goes a long way when you're learning your way around the kitchen.
  • I'm a displaced Texan who settled in the Midwest. I continue to go in for the hug earlier than most people here are anticipating. (Evidently.)
  • Like Miley Cyrus, my hair cannot be tamed.
  • I have a dog, Gibbs. He features prominently on my Instagram and in my conversations.
  • My fashion choices are generally more impulsive than cohesive. "Polished" is a word no one has ever used to describe me.
  • I live by the mantra "Bloom where you're planted." I also agree with my Mother: "Of course, bourbon is always an asset."

about melissa

  • My first name doesn’t suit me, but we’re stuck together.  I love my last name, obviously, and I'm going to have a hard time giving it up someday.
  • Libra. Sometimes I think that explains a lot of my personality, sometimes I think it's a load of hooey.
  • I'm a natural blonde. I’ve never dyed my hair. It’s hard for some people to believe – even the guy behind the hy-vee meat counter once called me a liar.
  • I question everything. If you make a grandiose claim, chances are my knee-jerk response is "Prove it."
  • I'm an avid traveler. My bucket list is so long that there isn’t enough paper to handle it.
  • I'm faux-organized. I really, really want to be organized, but I never really am. Be careful when you open a drawer or cabinet in my house.
  • I can’t handle scary movies. If I try, I don’t sleep for days. But dark foreign alley ways? No problem. Naturally.
  • My all-time favorite song is “Bennie and the Jets”.  Is it bad to love a song even if you don't really know the words?
  • Nothing makes me qualified to write about the things that I do, except that I’ve tried them at least once. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. All I know is you can’t solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.